Thursday, July 23, 2015

Age of Sigmar

Well, I recall posting earlier about liking what I was seeing about the newest edition of WHFB coming out.  It's been out for a couple of weeks now, have played it a bit, gone over the rules, such as they are, and I'm fully convinced that this is a fun game to play.  So, I'm in.  Luckily, with the rules being FREE, and me having a large bitz box of old miniatures, I am able to get an army together that costs me nothing at this time.  So,'s a win for me.

I have been working on Dark Elves, which are now part of the Order Faction, and called aelfs.  But, earlier this week I decided to take a small break from them and paint up a chaos lord:

Borak the Despoiler, Lord of Chaos.  And yes, it's that Borak, for those that get it.

Can't say it's my best miniature I've done, and my green-stuff skills are very lacking, but I like the pose and the look.  Very threatening.  And, since he's based off of the Archaon on foot miniature (rare mini indeed), he's as big as an ogre...or, I mean, ogor.  Very chaos-like, as his size and power make him the chaos lord he deserves to be.  Now to just get an army around him.  After Dark Elves and some Lizardmen (called seraphon, also in the Order faction).  Gencon this year is going to be expensive.  I'll post pics of the aelfs and seraphon after I'm done with their armies.

Looking forward to more material from this game.  Very enjoyable.  Rules are light but easy and fast--more tactical depth than I thought there would be.  There are haters, of course, but that doesn't stop the rest of us from enjoying this nice product.  Meh, whatever.  If a game is fun, it's a good game.  And that's what Age of Sigmar is.

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