Monday, October 15, 2012

Klingon Attack Cruiser

Star Trek Vor'cha 1/7000 scale.

Repainted Micromachines miniature.  Not a great mold, but it works at that scale.


  1. By Kahless' beard, it turned out looking pretty good!

  2. Thank you. I have another one ready except for a dull-coat drybrushing, and two others ready to be started someday. I also have a couple of Nehg'var warships I need to start on. Plus some tiny BoPs. One of these days I'll have a Klingon fleet in 1/7000 scale. And maybe I'll expand my Dominion fleet a bit someday too.

  3. Nicely paitned model, I'm envious :-)

    >>Star Trek Vor'cha 1/7000 scale.

    Small correction. - Galoob's ST Micro Machines are approximately the same scale as Fasa's i.e. 1/3900 not 1/7000. If it was the latter, it'd be a lot smaller than it's 2 1/2" length :-)

  4. Thank you. Been a while since I painted it, I have more to paint. I paint so slowly anymore thought.

    As for your correction...this is a Micromachine Vor'cha. FASA never made Vor'cha's in any scale. You might be mistakingly referring to FASA and Micromachine's D-7/K'tinga cruisers, which are indeed closer to 1/3900 scale (though not exact, it floats between 1/3700 and 1/3900; FASA miniatures tend to be on the smaller side). Micromachine minatures, on the whole, do not subscribe to any scale...they are all over the place (Reliant being larger than the Enterprise D for example). I only pick and choose those that match the scale I want, and for this, ultimately, is enough of a 1/7000 scale to work out just fine. Lucky coincidence. And it matches up well with my Dominion and Cardassian warships (all in approximate 1/7000 scale as well).

    It is approximately a 1/7000 scale miniature (give or take a bit). I have several others laying around that need to be cleaned up and painted one day. We'll see. Since the clickie Star Trek came out, I've been thinking about getting those Vor'cha miniatures. They are different size/dimensions than the Micromachine one, but I like the detail on those a bit better.

    Again, thanks for the comment.