Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Horus Heresy models, yay!

Model done of the Ultramarines Captain from the Betrayal at Calth boxed set.  Equipped with Cataphractii pattern Terminator armor, wielding a combi-melta and a chainfist, ready to bring down the righteousness of the Emperor about the heads and necks of his traitorous brethren.

What can I say?  Oh yeah, this is a top-quality plastic kit, very easy to paint (though in the future, I'll think twice about assembling before painting).  Games Workshop, in my opinion, has fully redeemed itself in my eyes and is once again the greatest miniature gaming company in the land.  I'm still not sold on the 40k rules system, but Age of Sigmar is a jewel and if GW decided to do their 40k setting with AoS rules, well, I don't have enough money.

But, as for the lore, the Horus Heresy has always been fascinating for me, and I'm sure I echo the views of thousands of 40k fans (or, erm, 30k).  While I cannot afford to buy all of their Heresy sets, nor do I have any hope of ever painting all those minis, I am all for picking up the odd model here and there and painting it up just for my own pleasure.  And a pleasure it was!  Well, if I ignore my own failings when it comes to painting, that is.  This was a test bed for some new(ish) painting techniques, and while I didn't nail it, I think I will get the hang of it eventually if I can stay focused and not lose patience.

This isn't the best pain job, and it is far from perfect (the camera revealed some mistakes my eyeball missed).  I don't have the Ultramarines transfers for this model, but I might scrape up some older ones and see if I can make them work.  But, it's done, I like it (especially the choice of colors--Caledor Sky for the armor, Mephiston Red for the cloak, and Sycorax Bronze for the trim).

Still plugging away at undead, will have another unit ready by Christmas for this blog.  I also had plans to assemble and paint up the Greigor Fell Hand model from the Burning of Prospero set (another HH product from GW), but I didn't have the correct paints so I doubt it gets done by Christmas, but he's coming and I hope he ends up looking as good as this model, hopefully much better!  There is also the issue of my Achilles tank for GF9 Tanks! (see the Firefly entry earlier), but I mis-assembled part of the kit, and wasn't able to get a new one in time to get it done for Christmas.  But, I'm confident that I'll get that one done as well....and maybe even some new All Quiet on the Martian front models (US tanks and heavy infantry).

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