Saturday, April 14, 2018

Kings of War Goblins

Since the end of February, I ended up painting nearly 70 miniatures.  I'm damn positive that I've never done that in my entire history of painting, at least to a nice level of detail.  But, anyway, here is the core of my goblin army:

Neato.  I did not multi-base them as I figured (rightly so) that I would have a hard enough time just painting up the mins.  And leaving them on separate bases allows me to use them in other games (Kings of War Vanguard, Age of Sigmar, maybe some old Warhammer Fantasy one of these days...).

Lots of goblins, relatively speaking.  I have lots more that needs purchased, assembled and painted to get a real army going.  Not now, though.  This was quite a feat for me.  Time for a short break, time to get a few nice pieces of terrain done, work on a gaming table, and perhaps paint up a Necron or two (to see if I can make them work for 40k).  Oh, and my Orc team for Blood Bowl.  That needs to get done soon, too.


  1. Vice nice ! Love the Giant : where is he come from ? GW ?

    1. Sorry for the long time in responding. The giant is from the Reaper Bones collection. Cheap, but not that easy to paint and is a bit bendy. Still, I made him work.

      Thanks for the response!