Sunday, March 11, 2012

First foray into 15mm sci fi

Here's my first squad for Gruntz 15mm sci fi skirmish game.

Its part of a Red vs Blue scenario that my girlfriend Katie and I are painting up.  About 60-75 points per side, small board (3'x3') used to learn the rules of the game and be able to teach others quickly.

These are the 15mm mid-tech humans from Khurusan Miniatures.  Painted very quickly (relatively quickly) and a solid bold color for easy ID on the table top.  Also have a Gila vehicle from Rebel Miniatures (not shown yet).

Have to give props to Khurusan and Rebel Miniatures.  Recieved the minis after ordering from Khurusan in about 5 days.  Rebel Minis got the Gilas to me in about 2 days.  Very good service on both of their parts.  And nice minis to boot!

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  1. Nice vibrant colors, looking forward to seeing the rest.