Saturday, December 1, 2012

Something to keep me busy...

This is something I started working on last Tuesday.  I was inspired by this:


A Traitor Legion Medusa conversion (can also work as any spg for Imperial Guard).  Using an old unused Basilisk model I had.  I have soft spot for turretless tank destroyer type vehicles (thank you World of Tanks).

Main differences is I don't have as much bits to draw from, my plasticard skills are poor at best, and the originator of the original conversion I am copying seems to have a better grasp of what he is doing.  Anyway, I'll be working on the rivets next, if it doesn't kill me.  Then I'll add some more bits, clean it up, attempt to paint it, and then either sell it, display it, or build a traitor legion around it (and two more Medusae, plus at least three Chimera...and some Sentinels...oh that's a lot of work).  If I do the latter, I might as well play me some 40K, which doesn't sound appealing at the moment.

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