Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hard to stay focused...

Well, haven't had much painting success.  Too many "bright shiny objects" distracting me.  I do, however, have pics of what I've worked on earlier.

I have three of these Fire Prisms done, and am working on three more for a Sword of Vaul troup.  I am also going to add a Windrider troop.  That will take care of one half of my Eldar army, aside from extras.

Also, here's an Battletech Akuma I painted up (see header pic for the blog).

I extended the barrel of the ER PPC for some reason.  I also painted a slate color (Reaper paints) over the original bone drybrush I had.  I like this bluish look, along with the skorne red trim (P3 paints).  And the dirty white (Reaper white leather) for the death's head makes it stand out, which is standard practice for many House Kurita mechwarriors so as to inspire a bit of fear in their opponents.

Instead of the standard hex base for Battletech, I cut it off and put it on a wooden 40mmx30mm base so it can be used with other 6mm gaming.  The bases was covered with a mix of brown, red and black ballast, and then a small section of Epic Armageddon plastic building attached to give it a bit of character and a sense of scale.  I like it.

I've decided that after I (eventually) finish my Eldar, I am going to start on Chaos AND Orks.  Both give me a bit of conversion fun, especially the Orks.  Perhaps I will sell my painted Eldar off to fund the other army projects, but we'll see.

I also plan on creating my own EA lists for Traitor Legions (Chaos), Bad Moon Teef Hunters (Orks) and The Ancient Necrontyr (Necrons)--and maybe an unamed anime/battletech flavored list as well *cough*Draconis Combine*cough*--which will vary from the standard lists created by the hard-working members of the Tactical Command forums.  They will reflect how I personally feel that the armies should look, and not necessarily cater to each person that wants every single miniature created to be included.  Most importantly, they'll be just for fun!

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