Monday, May 2, 2011

The Die is Cast...

Finally some progress!

Here is a finished Guardian Warhost for Epic Armageddon.  For those in the know, I'm using old-school plastic Falcon grav-tanks to represent Wave Serpents until I can get a hold of some ones.  A bit of nostalgia in using them, and they'll work as fine proxies.

The Guardian Warhost assembled:

Close up of Guardians and a Wave Serpent:

The Farseer:

Wave Serpent (old-school Falcon):

Purple and yellow was the original color I painted some Epic Eldar back in the early 90's.  I decided to stick with it just becuase I felt it was a strong Eldar color scheme.  With just the purple, they could have passed for I started to second-guess my decision.  My girlfriend likes the colors, so that helped me stay the course.  I used a mix of Reaper paints and P3 paints.

Oh, and because I developed devil's hands Saturday morning:

A scratch-built Epic Armageddon Necron Monolith.  About the best I can do with my meager scratch-building skills, but I do like it.

And finally, because my hobby life isn't only focused on Epic Armageddon:

Two pics of miniatures I painted a while ago, just to remind myself that I do have mad painting skillz if I care to put forth the effort.  Not super-mad like a couple of my friends, but pretty damned good at times.

Back to Epic Armageddon Eldar later this week.  Enjoy!

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