Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blasts from the Past

This miniature is from the ancient Chronopia line.  Chronopia has been very, very dead for quite some time (there are websites dedicated to it, but those fanbois are just fooling themselves--its dead, it died for very good reasons, and its not going to come back as it was--though I did enjoy the game for the brief time it existed).

The Damned.  A fairly nice miniture, made from resin.  I painted it up to use as a Greater Daemon for my Chaos Space Marines.  I like the color constrasts, and I think I did a fair job on the painting (not my best, but good enough anymore).  I did end up using an Epic titan base before realizing I had a large round base to use, and that's been bothering me a bit.  I guess I'll save the large round base for another model now.

More CSM on the way sometime.  Maybe I get back to painting Epic and Warmachine.  I hate painting.

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