Friday, December 20, 2013

Epic 40K/Armageddon Space Ork Fighta-Bommer Scratch-build

Patience.  I had quite a bit of the last couple of days.  That's good, because I didn't have much skill, or eyesight, but my little project turned out ok I think:

And here was the original prototype that I'm not sure if I'm doing anything else with:

Ugly little squat bugger.  He was a test run, and he was successful.  Any fightas (sans bomma) I do will be based off of him.

So, yeah, anyway, that's done, and before the Yule!  I plan on doing 3 more of them, then one 'Eavy Bomma. or two, if I have the material.  All will be used in my Micro Fight Tank Wars! rules (real name pending), and of course, Epic Armageddon if I play it ever again.

Have no real idea how to paint it.  My original Orks were red, but I'm favoring red for Chaos, so...I might paint them up as Bad Moon Orks, which means lots of yellow.  I have never painted miniatures with yellow as the primary color.  I'm not confident that it will turn out good.  But that's not something I'm going to worry about for a week or so.

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