Wednesday, January 6, 2016

And Right After I Cry "Retirement"....

Kings of War is a wargames from Mantic Games, which is a miniatures and now wargaming company that is considered a great alternative to Games Workshop.  I have backed a couple of their kickstarters, if only moderately so, and have found that they do good kickstarters.  In fact, they're the only kickstarters that keep their word and deliver what is promised.  Consistently so.

Their recent Kings of War kickstarter is a good example.  I pledges and got a 20-person unit of their Succubi from the Forces of the Abyss faction.  Hands down, they are the best minis I have seen from Mantic so far, and better than most other companies (including GW and PP).  This fixes one of the few complaints I've had with them, miniature quality.  All that's left is a cheap US distributor, and opponents to play their games--oh wait, that's fixed too (see below).

But that's the thing, I can't paint large armies of miniatures anymore--yet I want an Abyssal army, and I want it now.  I also have a couple of opponents to play against, though not very often.  I just got 96 viking berserkers to use in the KoW Varangur faction, yet now I'm regretting it because of these damned Abyssals.

BTW, I don't have personal pics of this stuff yet...go to the Mantic site and have a look around!

Warpath is a sci-fi table top wargame created by Mantic.  Their first version, a couple of years back was a bit of a disappointment.  Now they have their newer version, and it looks good.  Even the rules are starting to tickle my fancy.  I have pledged in this kickstarter now, but am hesitant to purchase anything because, you know my drama-queen announcement of my retirement from mass-painting.  However, there aren't any opponents to play this game with at this time.  That could change, but for now, I'd just be stuck with a bunch of minis (when they arrive next year) to assemble and paint.  Maybe Andrew will actually split some of it with me--that will give me a force on the cheap(er), and an actual opponent to play against.

I could still ship all of those minis off as well to have a 3rd party paint them for me.  Or just nut it up and paint, and have a piss-poor looking army, but an army nonetheless.

This is truly an addiction, one that I'm valiantly fighting against, and one that I just can't seem to beat.  I want to walk away from it, but the shiny new toys are so damned cool....

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