Wednesday, January 28, 2015

To Hate Games Workshop or To Not?

Yeah, that's the question.

For a long time I was hooked on 40K and Fantasy.  But that ended, like all things do.  I floated from game to game until our group finally picked up Warmachine, which was and still is a good game, though I just can't get interested in it anymore.  And during all that time up until recently, there was this festering hate for nearly all things Games Workshop.

But why was that?

First, GW (Games Workshop) priced themselves out the door.  Yes, their items are too expensive.  Much too expensive.  Then, they continuously created "new editions" of rules for their core games.  And every new edition seemed to make the wrong kind of changes.  They killed of their Specialist Games, which was a huge mistake and meant that GW's best games were no longer supported (sure, certain groups try to keep some of it revived, but the results are not very appealing anymore).  Next, the player base.  Players in this hobby are generally snobby, know-it-all crybabies.  All games have them, but GW seemed to have the majority of them.  That eliminates playing their games with anyone but my closest acquaintances, whose snobbery and crying I am quite well used to--and love them all the more for it.  Finally, GW war against their own customers and the swarm of C&D against anyone and everyone.

All of my GW purchases were in the past, so the price hikes actually never effected me.  I haven't played in years, so the new and constantly changing rules never effected me.  Since I haven't been playing (or, more accurately, can't visit game shops reguarly because of my disability) I don't have to mingle with jackwagon players-their asshattery never effected me.  So was my anger and hated actually warranted?  I'm beginning to believe that it wasn't.

Now, things may be changing.  With GW's new "End Times" for Warhammer Fantasy, they seem to be showing an actual interest in fixing things on the outside.  The rumors that I've been reading for the new 9th edition rules for WHFB (yeah, another edition) actually seem like GW is trying to improve, trying to change for the better (whatever that may be in their eyes).  And I like the changes I've been reading.  Whether this works out or not, I can see clearly that, at least for WHFB, they see something as broken and are willing to take a chance, even a HUGE chance, to make a change and see what happens.  If it works, great, and from what I've been reading, might be enough to draw me back in.  If it fails, well, so what?  I'm out nothing, and though it might hurt GW, at least they tried something.

I can't claim the same for 40K.  It is still #1 by a wide margin, it still rakes in the cash for GW hand over fist, and I don't see them doing anything drastic to that for a long time.  Though, there is always hope (like 9th ed WHFB being such a success).  But I digress, because any attempt at improving is a good thing, even if it is just a small step.

Either way, to me, GW is just another company now.  The biggest, the oldest, and sorry to anyone that thinks differently, still the top dog.  I don't hate them anymore and I never should have; they can continue to do their thing or not.  If things improve, then horray.  If they don't, I'm still out nothing, like I've been for the past 15 years or so.

If 9th edition is good, is interesting, is affordable...then GW may have just gotten me back into their fold.  We'll see how that works out over the next few months.

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